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[L] _MineTurtle_ TrustedownerLPowerballer posted Jul 14, 14

Server has Updated and Reset!

Miner_Fil TrustedDevAdmin posted Jul 5, 14
The Server has reset and we are now on the new Host. We are now running Pixelmon 3.1.1 so if you don't know how to install it. Please watch the video below.

TylerGamerzz It wont let me in the server :c
OddElfie Powerballer I love how he has a profile called Hack and he had Nodus 1.7 downloaded :3 But really helpful video thanks
minecrafrocks763 its not letting me on the server ...
The donation sale has ended, Thanks to those that have donated during the sale. We will also be resetting the server once we prepare it after the new host sets up the server.
The Pixelmon 3.1 reset has been delayed because the current version is a bit buggy and sometimes crashes the server. So we will wait until a better version comes out before resetting. Also we have Reset some users ranks and updated some users ranks. If you haven't gotten the right rank, Please comment below and tell us the rank you are meant to be.
deathpoeper1 i still need my leader rank i am rock head gym leader
Vosborg Well, the rank admin, have more perms on the forums, than Admin+, and SrAdmin. I assume, you forgot adding those perms, ...
ZEDWarriorz Jr Mod Can i please have Jr. Mod plz i just got promoted, oh and eth is no longer HeadAdmin he is jr admin and hidonian is head ...

Sale Ending

[L] _MineTurtle_ TrustedownerLPowerballer posted Jun 26, 14
The donation sale is ending for the 1.7 Update on the 29th.
Tekcrezec162 master Thank god I donated fast enough Whew.
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