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McNox Full Release

[Owner] _MineTurtle_ aownerL posted Thu at 18:06
IP: play.mcnox.net

1. Gladiator Duel
2. Factions
3. Paintball
4. Prison
5. Skyblock
6. Creative

Website: http://mcnox.buycraft.net
Thinknoodels12 Hi owner umm i have one problem i donated for silver and I was supposed to get charmander but instead i didn't get it bu ...
Dino_Smash_99 Update again ...

Our new network!

[Owner] _MineTurtle_ aownerL posted Apr 10, 14
We decided to open a 2nd server network for Minecraft 1.7 not including Pixelmon!

IP: play.mcnox.net

Our Gamemodes:
1. Gladiator Duel
[Mod] jaybedoe MOD Im JrAdmin so can i get my rank, <3
Kthekid09 I volunteer to help on this server . I used to be a owner and a admin so I know a lot about plugin . I know how they wor ...
[Admin] trustypigu Can I have my rank now?

Who's That Pokémon?

[Head-A] julot1 aHead Admin posted Apr 2, 14
Who IS that Pokemon?!
Fazed_Shot looks like munna?

Who's that Staff Of The Week?

[Head-A] julot1 aHead Admin posted Apr 2, 14
Is it Pikachu? No! It's Norpham!

Congrats to Norpham for winning the first week of Staff Of The Week!
[Master] Norpham JRAdminmaster No clue Rempaw, if we are, I didn't even get the reward for first week lol.
Dino_Smash_99 Congratz Norpham
[Mod] rempaw MODJRAdmino Are we doing Staff of the Week again because no one is voting ...
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